Pull Request Template

Reason for Pull Request

  • [ ] Bug fix
  • [ ] Feature/Change request

In case of Bug

Root cause

  • Backend API change
  • Requirement was not clear

In case of Feature/Change request

High level description of changes done

  • Added a store to save user response for push notification and then use it while onboarding user. We can’t start onboarding process until we get push notification token from user

Tests written for Bug/Feature/Refactoring

  • <Please write test file/test name here>


  • [ ] I have created new screen, and I have checked the header of new screen on Android. I have also set the status bar color in app.js
  • [ ] I have checked the back button functionality required for the screens in Android. I have added the routeNames that are need to be handled for the back button in app.js
  • [ ] I have checked the back behaviour by swiping left or swiping down on screens and they behave as expected. Back behaviour of these screens has been approved by product team