Coding Guidelines


  • Comments should describe WHY and NOT WHAT
// BAD
// delete connections
yield call(deleteItem, CONNECTIONS)

// Since this is a new installation of app,
// we don't previously stored connections, so go ahead and delete previously stored connections
yield call(deleteItem, CONNECTIONS)

Be thorough

- Imagine the next person landing in your code to have no context whatsoever and VERY limited time to change it.
- Explain without the assumption that people already know how your code works
- Explain the hacks you needed to do and why they work
- Explain the internal interdependencies that aren't explicit (eg other systems relying on structure or api)
- Be ok w/ writing a longer paragraph whenever needed


  • Write tests for everything you create
  • Tests should be co-located with feature/component inside __tests__ folder
  • Test filenames should end with .spec.js
  • A snapshot test should be present for each component

Naming conventions

  • NO SHORT NAMES are allowed. Be as explicit as you can be
// BAD
const a, req, txt, conReq, res, d,

const invitationRequest, connectionRequest, authenticationRequest


  • Add flow types for every new file that you create
  • Good if you add flow types to existing files as well
  • New files should have // @flow at the top of the file and must adhere to flow types and fix flow errors
  • Do not use any for flow types

UI components

  • Use common layout components for almost every layout need
  • Try to use as many common components as possible
  • No inline style
  • Note: This is a work in progress guidelines and will keep on improving as we move along